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Fishing for catfish is very loved by many fishermen because, perhaps primarily, the mystery that floats around the fish. Not infrequently caught catfish are downright spectacular, being caught in recent years copies of catfish exceeding 45 kg. Such a catch record was recorded in Lake Fundeni Frunzanesti(catfish pond ), the catch that won the Gold trophy hook a few years ago. The most important catch (sport fishing) it seems that everything comes from that pool and is about 65 kg. From stories of the villagers Fundeni, pool currently has large pieces of catfish, some of which may exceed 80-90 kg(largest catfish ). On inserted, when locals come to shore to powns and call fowl (ducks and geese) on the water surface, many have seen the true monsters of the deep.

The great advantage of these monsters is the grass floating in the pools, the real stronghold for catfish in the fish harvesting campaigns. Fishing Catfish give remarkable results the night, especially between 20.00 – 24.00 respectively 03.00-06.00. Recognized as the health of the ponds, catfish is attracted to meat and perishable pork liver and intestines of birds are catfish best bait. Most times the best bait for catfish,big-catch bait than is observed. For copies of 10-15 kg and with good results are obtained with frogs(my opinion is that frogs are the best catfish bait ever ). Hook used (single or triple) must be large and sturdy, large catfish with a wide mouth, making his greed for prey to be swallowed whole.Catfish is drawn to the bass, fishermen Lippovans using for this purpose called an iron cluck, the shape of a spoon bent by tapping the water surface which produces a sound alike to popup a bottle of champagne. Low-frequency waves, even mild, has the property that may spread to long distances and are very challenging for catfish giant. I saw the craft of building low-frequency sound generators, used as a weight, giving remarkable results in Luring catfish. The loudspeaker used is construction Special (diameter is small but can generate low frequency sounds). It is connected to a generator elecronic low frequency (max.

150 Hz). The thread used for catching catfish must be strong. For large specimens using threads 04. – 0.6 mm or more. Yarns are increasingly preferred to larger fish specimens. Varga must be strong (action 100-300g) and the reel must be massive, with a special strong gear. The rest, catfishing does not require a very sophisticated technique, similar to that of the carp fishing. The only thing it is good to note is that, often, catfish hanging obstacles to hide behind or fall rush, where you will not get it, the first stage of catfish should be handled carefully. Another interesting aspect is that catfish fight stubbornly and punctured once they feel is beaten mud butt take the form of sickle. If the bottom is grassed then it’s hard to convince him to leave. Catfish fishing secret is to not rush the fish than he was injured when he decided to shoot.

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